Success stories

Here is a selection of clients we have worked with, reflecting the diversity of projects but also the common denominator: aligning people with strategy, focusing on culture and behaviour.


brand alignment

Large UK retailer

We led the organisation’s “Experiencing the Brand“ programme across over 3,000 outlets as part their new brand implementation. The scope was to align leadership and behaviour with the new brand.

According to the brand director “In the first year the average sales increase was 15% across the rebranded stores. But for stores that had been refitted without the brand experience programme the average increase was only 7%”.


systems and process change

Global engineering company

We helped the client move from a multinational to global organisation, supporting a transformation of systems, processes and culture, and behaviours.


employee engagement

UK retailer

We worked with a large independent retailer on how to better engage colleagues with the business, leading to the transformation of the culture and the relationship with their business partners.


leadership development

Mid-tier UK law firm

We worked with the senior managers from business services to build their leadership capability and embed the new firm-wide strategy, focusing on culture and behaviour.


customer service

UK Local Authority

The challenge was to introduce authentic customer service, in place of scripts. We helped set up the new customer service function in one the largest councils, creating a high performing, customer-centric team.


process change

UK Government Agency

In this Agency performance had been incrementally improved by process changes, but was still needing to improve efficiency. We helped them focus on the dramatic improvements possible by changing behaviour and culture – giving more responsibility to staff rather than trying to prescribe more processes and rules.



Outsource provider

A local authority and an outsource provider wished to move from client/contractor to business partners. We worked with both parties to improve joint performance by focusing on the effectiveness of their partnership.


David Weisz (Head of Retail)

We recognised that we did not always walk our talk. Our workshop with Metafore was bracing, enlightening and unlike any I have ever done before. With their care, challenge and encouragement we discovered unknown fault lines within our team and wider organisation that we are now able to address.

Phil Verity (Head of Organisation Development)

Metafore helped us realise that changes in our business will only happen if each of us changes the way we communicate with each other. Starting to behave in ways that bring the meaning behind the words to life is difficult and they were great at supporting (and often challenging) us in making this happen.

Julia Youd (Marketing and Communications Manager)

Their exhilarating combination of skills and insight makes you feel anything is possible. If the organisation commits fully to their way of doing things, it will succeed.

Gary Traynor (Business Deployment & Transition Manager)

Their approach makes you challenge yourself before you ask it of others! It was great to try a new approach to an old problem; it was even better to see how well it worked!

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