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The Metafore approach to changing workplace behaviours and culture isn’t just the answer for employee engagement projects. We have a proven track record in:

brand alignment

…making your brand live through the people and organisation

Delivering on your brand promise is not just about goods and services, logos and layouts – a crucial element is the experience people have when they meet your employees. How do you get 50, 500, or even 5,000 people reliably living your brand?

partnering & collaboration

…working effectively across functions and with partners and suppliers

When teams come together from different functions and organisations there are usually cultural mismatches and unhelpful behaviour. They need to be able to see themselves through the other’s eyes and come together constructively to shape a new way of working.

team building

…building a high performing team where everyone wants to work

Newly formed, tired or dysfunctional teams need to find a way of working together that delivers commitment, energy and high performance.

major change programmes

…as one client said to us, “We’ve had a lot of change programmes but not much change”

Structural reorganisations, new systems, different customer focus – whatever the change, we are all familiar with the pattern of frenetic change programmes leading to resistance and often half-baked implementation. Without creating alignment in your people and belief in the change you are almost doomed to repeat this cycle.

culture change

…changing how we do things around here

If, for whatever reason, “the way things are around here” is not what people want and not helpful to achieving the goals of the organisation then our approach can transform workplace behaviour and create a working environment that your people are proud to be a part of.


Lucy Cluskey (Business Development Manager)

So much more than a Leadership Development Programme… it created an environment that allowed me to really challenge the way I think and behave to make a real difference to what we do and the results we achieve. Matthew and Martin were superb… taking people out of their comfort zones, providing a framework that was both challenging and supportive and really getting to the core of what will make a difference. I really enjoyed working with them both… they delivered a very inspiring two days that will stay with me for a long time.

Jon West (Financial Services Manager)

Metafore helped us to see some of the bad (as well as good) behaviours we had adopted and gave us ideas for getting rid of the bad ones and making our relationships as positive as possible. There was no role play although they did use actors to act out workplace scenarios and there was plenty of encouragement and opportunity  for talking. Personally I found their approach challenging but ultimately rewarding and so  far so good, we are now working more effectively together and are coming up with new ways  to strengthen our partnership. 

Øyvind Halkjelsvik (HR Manager)

Metafore’s unique approach to business improvement, and their passion and belief in what they do, has made working with them not only a professional experience, but also a personal change journey.


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