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3 September 2011Capello v Johnson

Martin Ledigo

by Martin Ledigo

Interesting to read that Martin Johnson,the England rugby coach has said that during the World Cup in New Zealand there will be no bans on alcohol or Twitter, no curfews and that WAGs are welcome. This is in stark contrast to Fabio Capello's strict rules about early bed times, no WAGs etc during last year's unsuccessful football World Cup campaign. The England team seemed to lack cohesion, got bored and didn't seem to enjoy the experience of the World Cup and I would say that was all reflected in their performance on the field. I am much more with Martin Johnson's view – “You’ve got to trust them to make decisions on the field so you’ve got to do the same off it as well."

Treat them like adults and they are likely to take responsibility. Treat them like children and expect to behave like that. We were once discussing with a retailer implementing their strategy by giving responsibility to the store managers. The initial response was "But could we trust them to do that?" My comment back was "well presumably you trust them to run your stores, so why not to implement the new strategy. That way they are more likely to take responsibility for it being done properly.

This is not a prediction for the rugby World Cup winners, although I do quite fancy England.

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