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22 August 2011"Am I bovvered?"

Matthew de Lange

by Matthew de Lange

Last week in Busch Gardens theme park in Virginia my wife and I found ourselves complaining about the meal we'd just had – billed as the park's "VIP Dining Experience". We ended up, fairly quickly, with a full refund. But it felt surprisingly unsatisfying (like the meal!). Why? Because the duty manager plainly wanted to fix his problem (which was a couple of articulate and insistent complainers when he wanted to close up for the night) not to actually understand what we felt was wrong.

That crucial experience of being listened to – no, really listened to, like they care what I'm saying. That for me is at the absolute heart of employee engagement. A month ago we invited one of our administrators into a planning meeting for a pitch we were preparing for a client tender. She was treated as one of the team and her input was saught and valued – and was useful. Of course, this is obvious, almost naive, but the point is that she had been at hundreds of previous staff meetings and team events, but none of them (she told us) gave her that sense that we actually cared what she said , that she was "engaged" in our business".

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20 December 2011


Learning a ton from these neat artlices.

22 August 2011

Mark Iliff

Good points, well linked.

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